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June 13
COS Unveils New Weightroom



COS Athletics recently unveiled the renovated weightroom for use by the teams and by the general student body. “It’s a nice place to work out,” says Director of Athletics, Brent Davis, inviting everyone to check out the new facilities. Go on in and inhale that new machine smell!

The equipment, from Hammer Strength®, is strategically laid out for an optimum workout. Gleaming Giant blue, the entire setup is clean and open, meeting Americans With Disabilities Act compliance. To complete the project, coming attractions include a stereo and computer (for instructor use). On our tour, we caught Jason Tejada, the football team’s Offensive Coordinator, testing the room out and preparing it for use that day by the team.

The weightroom is an integral part of a new overall Strength Program promoted by Giant Athletics. In the Spring, the department hopes to inaugurate a strength training class (currently pending approval). The class involves four hours each week and is designed to keep student athletes in shape, especially during the off-season.​

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