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January 25
Transcripts and Updates!

​Hello COS Giants!

It's been a while, but here we are again in a new semester full of new things to be blogged about! And I shall be here every step of the way updating all of us about important dates and events for us to mark our calendars for!

One thing I would like to remind us all about is to update our academic information and send official transcripts to colleges if you are transferring​ in the fall.

Colleges differ in due dates, but just to be safe try and send things before February the 3rd!

PS: Dough and Joe on the Go! is tomorrow from 9:00A.M. to 12:00P.M. on the Visalia quad! Get your coffee, hot chocolate, and donuts!

Provided by the AGS honors society. 

October 21
Don't get your board taken away!

​Hey there COS Giants! I apologize for this late blog post! I was doing homework and I lost track of the time! #TheStruggle

But putting that aside, I would like to remind us all that COS does have a skating on campus policy. That policy is that there are NO skateboards allowed on campus. This policy is in place in order to protect us Giants while we do our daily academia routines. All it takes is one second of someone turning a corner at the same time that someone is skating around the same corner to cause a serious injury.

And serious injuries aren't fun!

In addition to that, it is also policy that skateboards be taken away from the student who is riding it on campus. Don't get your board taken away, don't put our fellow Giants in danger, and help make COS a more wonderful institution than it already is!

Ciao for now Giants!

October 16
Cross Promotion!

​Hello COS Giants!

This is Nico reminding you all that if you haven't already, please follow my fellow partners in crime at their social media pages!

You can find Danielle on her Instagram account: danielle_cos.media

She takes awesome pictures of students, activities, and anything that interests us COS Giants! Look out for her while events are going on! If you see her, ask her for a picture and she will tag you on instagram for the whole college to see!

You can find David on his Instagram account: davidcosmedia, and his facebook account: David Rivera Cos

He posts helpful hints to help us COS Giants get through the week and he also posts and shares cool stories that are of interest to students!

Finally, follow the main COS facebook page at: College of the Sequoias!

Here you can find the weekly bulletins that Danielle, David, and I work on to share with all of us!

Join the Social Media fun!

October 14
One Man Two Guvnors!

​Hello COS Giants!

If you haven't already seen the show this weekend, you should definitely make room in your schedule this weekend to see this British comedy being put on by our very own COS Theatre Department!

Be prepared to laugh your socks off at 7:30P.M. both Friday and Saturday, and 2:00P.M. on Sunday!

Give yourself a treat by coming to see the play and supporting your theatre department!

See you all there COS Giants!

October 07
Homecoming is Next Week!

​Hello COS Giants!

This is Nico with a reminder that Homecoming is right around the corner! Right after this weekend in fact! The theme is superheroes and it starts on Monday, October 13th. The breakdown of the events that are going to be going on next week are as follows:

Monday, October 13th- Pie the villian, (throwing pies at club presidents!) and volleyball in the quad!

Tuesday, October 14th- Super scavanger hunt!

Wednesday, October 15th- COS Health Fair!

Thursday, October 16th- Pep rally!

Saturday, October 18th- COS Homecoming football game!

Show your spirit and dress up COS Giants! I look forward to seeing all of us get involved with next weeks' activities and having loads of fun!

October 02
Join the First Nighter Club!

​Hello COS Giants!

This is Nico blogging to let all of you theatre goers know about some awesome news!

The COS Theatre department is starting the First Nighter Club, and for $100 a person you can enjoy season tickets to all four mainstage productions and free admission to both the COS Theatre Department's Evenings of Improv!

The mainstage productions alone are a $50 value!

In addition to the aforementioned awesomeness above, members of the First Nighter Club will have their name in every program and on a poster in the COS lobby throughout the entire 2014-2015 season!

Members will also receive Email invitations to all the workshops and special events that the theatre department hosts all year round!

Speak to anyone involved in the theatre department in order to join the First Nighter Club. Don't miss out on this amazing offer COS Giants! Help support our theatre!

September 27
Pathway to Lawschool Program!

​Hello COS Giants!

This is Nico blogging to let you all know about the Pathway to Lawschool Program that is taking place at COS!

This is a program that the state BAR has started in order to increase diversity among legal professions.

Only 24 community colleges have been chosen to pilot the program and COS is one of those colleges! Six universities and their respective law schools are taking part in the program as well. Those universities are: UC Davis, UC Irvine, USC, UC San Francisco, Santa Clara University, and Loyola Marymount University.

In order to take part in the program, students must take seven required classes that are offered at COS. This program offers students a very strong pathway for COS Giants who are studying law.

This is an indespensable opportunity for any COS Giant who wishes to make a future in the law profession, so don't miss out if this is your major! For more information, talk to Juan Arzola in room IM206 or Amy Vega Pritchett in room KERN 728B.

September 24
Transfer Applications are about to open up!
Hey COS Giants!
This is Nico with a quick reminder that the application windows are about to open up for CSUs and UCs! 
The CSU filing period is from October 1st to the 31st, and UCs open up their filing period from November 1st to the 30th.
Don't miss your window to apply! The sooner the better!
September 21
The Multicultural Fair is Coming Up!

​Hello COS Giants!

This is Nico blogging to let all of us know that the COS multicultural fair is coming up this week! It is the same day, location, and time as Club Rush which is Thursday, September 25th, from 10:00A.M. to 1:00P.M.

The multicultural fair brings cultures together in order to show the values and traditions of each so that we can all experience them. There will be a ton of performances, food, and fun to be had the whole time, so don't miss out!

I'll see you all there!

September 10
Club Rush Day is coming up!

​Hello COS Giants!

This is Nico blogging to report that there is another awesome event coming up, so let's mark our calendars! On Thursday, September 25th, Club Rush will be taking place in the quad from 10:00A.M. to 1:00P.M. This is a perfect opportunity for freshmen to get informed about all the various, fun clubs that our college has to offer, and a perfect opportunity for returning Giants to get involved and make a lasting impression at COS. Being a part of a club has a huge social benefit and getting involved teaches responsibility, leadership, and teamwork. These are all traits that colleges look for when admitting students. Do not miss your opportunity to get information about these clubs and sign up!

And remember: there is a club for everybody!

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